thumb__MG_7828_1024No big changes in life happen without mixed emotions. At least, none of mine ever have. This time is no different.

I’ve just retired from my job of 17 years. Last Tuesday (March 1) was my last day there. I’ve planned this for a long time. Discussed with husband, looked at financials, projected costs for stuff like health insurance, played with various dates for retiring vs. starting my pension payout (lucky enough to have one of those!), and hung in there when fear cropped up.

While I’m completely happy about my decision, I still walked around those last few days with sadness in my heart. Not for the job, really, so much as for people I am leaving behind. I worked with some very smart, wonderful people. I will miss the intellectual stimulation. The trade-off, though, is fabulous. My time and energy are mine now, for the pursuits I want to follow. And I still get to keep in touch with former coworkers though social media, getting together for lunch, and our knitting group.

At the moment, it still feels more like vacation than a new life. That will start shifting soon, I’m sure.

Until next time.

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  1. Catherine Baker says:

    Ann, you are being wonderful at your new part of life… You’ve had some practice & I’m super excited about your up & coming adventures!!!!

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