Death Storm 2011

The snow is lovely. Unfortunately, the temperature was just warm enough today to make it slushy on the roads, and the “wintry mix” – I love that phrase – keeps falling. Pretty much guarantees that you would have to be insane to go out in the morning. Ice sheets on top of ice sheets.

I’m just hoping that the “wintry mix” is light enough tonight that it doesn’t bring down the power lines and leave us in the dark. Bad ice storms have done that to us more than once. Thank God for the gas fireplace, water heater & stove, so even when the power’s out for a couple of days we can cook & shower. And huddle for warmth by the fire.

So I am not setting the alarm for in the morning, and assuming the power stays on at worst I’ll be able to work from home. They make us take vacation days if we just slack off & don’t do anything at all.

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