The B**ch is Back – Growly Girl Earns Her Name

Hi there! I am hijacking Mom’s blog to give all my friends this update cuz there are just too many lovely twitter pals that I want to share with.

I am feeling much better today. When mom came home tonight and gave me my meds, I GROWLED and GROWLED at her! Yucky meds! (Just so you know, I never bite or scratch but I do growl – a lot – when I am cranky). My leg is still swollen some but I can put some weight on it now and I am moving around the house a lot more.

Mom and I are very grateful for all the healing paws and purrs, and pawcircles, and prayers and good wishes from you, my Twitter friends. You are the bestest friends a little cat could have!

Hopefully the swelling will go down soon, but I still have EIGHT more days of antibiotics to go. I will keep you posted on my progress.


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One Response to The B**ch is Back – Growly Girl Earns Her Name

  1. Pandafur says:

    Thats good if you haz teh spirit to growels you iz gonna be fine! *purrrr*

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