Decisions, Decisions

Today I finished spinning the first art batt and plied the last skein of the silk hankies. So I need to decide what to tackle next.

My hand cards have arrived, so I could start practicing with those, and make rolags to use for woolen type spinning. But honestly, I’d rather save that until the weekend, when I can devote more time in a chunk to it.

I could start on the other art batt. That’s probably the path of least resistance, especially since tomorrow will be a very long day, like every Wednesday. It will be late and I’ll be tired by the time I get home.

Until tomorrow.


Plied silk on the niddy noddy


The art batt, all spun

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2 Responses to Decisions, Decisions

  1. Catherine Baker says:

    Love love the art bat! The color is perfect:)

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