More of the Art Batt

I spun more of the art batt tonight. It’s interesting because the fibers aren’t all the same length and it doesn’t pull apart evenly when I take a chunk out. But that is NOT a problem, just interesting.

I am still loving all the colors and they way the blend together. Just like I learned in my class last week, I pulled off a sample at the beginning, plied back on itself, to check against as I go and make sure I’m keeping more of less the same diameter. Very handy tip. It will serve me well.

Tomorrow we leave for Asheville for the holiday weekend. Obviously I won’t take my wheel! But I will take either my drop spindle or my Spindolyn (which is a supported spindle designed to sit in your lap). I want to try to use the Spindolyn again now that I’m more familiar with spinning, so that’s probably what it will be.

Until next time.


The Spindolyn

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