Flying Over the Waters of Belize

Today was magical. We took a tiny plane – me, Mick, the pilot, and the co-pilot who was also our guide – and flew over Belize’s coastal waters, barrier reef, atolls, and islands. The colors were gorgeous – greens, many shades of blue and teal, light and bright in the shallower waters, deep blue in the depths. The little islands were like jewels. 

And the Great Blue Hole, of course, is stunning. 400 feet deep, 600 feet across, with 2 natural entrances. It was caused by a cave that collapsed. In this photo, the white comet-looking streak on the right is the wake of a boat that was leaving as we flew over.

This was our last full day here. After we got back to the resort, we relaxed all afternoon, and I played with watercolor palettes based on what we saw today as well as other parts of our trip. Tomorrow we fly home to pick up our lives again. 

Islands off the coast of Belize

The Great Blue Hole

Watercolor Palettes

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