I used to have a Life, didn’t I?

I haven’t always lived in South Carolina, working my butt off at a job that takes everything I have to offer and demands more.

Funny how music touches us – a little Bruddah Iz (Over the Rainbow), Keali’i Reichel (Kawaipunahele), and Kutira (Taua) took me right back to Maui this afternoon, at least in my heart.

I miss the gentleness of my life then, the harmony with nature, the beautiful ocean, the control over my time because I didn’t have a regular 9-5 corporate job. I volunteered three shifts a week at the East Maui Animal Refuge and helped in the office at the Kahua Hawaiian Institute two days a week. Those things FED me instead of depleting me.

What I’m doing now is worth it, because it will give us financial stability down the road when I retire. But today, I really have to remind myself of that. Because otherwise I don’t think I could stand it.

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