So how IS that Artist Reawakening Going??

Life just gets in the way. Two weeks ago I committed to spending some time every day to a creative endeavor of SOME sort. I blocked off a half-hour at lunch every day on my calendar, both to remind me about my commitment and to keep other people from bugging me during that time.

My little practice X Books

I actually made a bunch of little “X books”to start learning some basic techniques and begin to get familiar with the tools.

Things I’ve learned so far: practice is good. More practice is better. And I need a better carrier for my tools & supplies. Things are getting bent.

THEN I got sent to New York state (Buffalo) for my job, all week last week, and there was NO WAY to pack that artist stuff. But fortunately, I had blocked off “My Half Hour” THIS week as well – seeing that on my calendar reminded me. So I am taking my art supplies to work with me again today – who knows? Maybe a new kind of book project. And I have an old laptop bag that I think will work for my stuff.

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