Loving the Paper Food Log

I am a geek. I love electronics – if I can do it on my phone, I’m a happy camper. In the past, when I have tracked my food and exercise, I have used mobile apps and loved them. My favorite, if you are interested, is VidaOne Diet and Fitness. I have lost many pounds, and mostly kept them off, with that app. If you are counting calories, there’s no other way to go.

But I’m not counting calories now. I’m trying to get the whole picture of my life around food and movement. And I’m finding that the inherent limitations of electronic tracking make it an inferior tool for THIS process.

Enter the pen-and-paper old-fashioned write-it-down log. Completely free form, I can put whatever details I like in whatever format I like (Color! Arrows! Scribbling in the margin!) which appeals to my inner artist. My notebook is small enough to carry around pretty easily, and if necessary I can always make a list on my phone and transfer it later with fuller details.

I did not expect to like this format. Pen & paper? How tedious! How last century! I’m really pleased to discover that it’s wonderful.

Thank you, Darya Pino Rose, for the nudge that has led me to a great new tool.


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