The Food Log

My eating habits are just plain crazy.

Half the time I am SO good – healthy breakfasts on workdays, I pack my lunch and healthy snacks every day, I avoid processed food like poison.


Evenings and weekends are a very different story. I tend to snack a LOT, and not healthy. We eat out more instead of cooking home meals. As a result, my weight tends to swing high by Sunday night, and back to “normal” by Wed. or Thurs. And “normal” has been creeping higher lately. Not good. I am NOT going to buy new clothes.

However, I am firmly convinced that dieting is a cheerless waste of time and I have no interest in screwing up my metabolism.

What to do?

Enter the book Foodist, by Darya Pino Rose. She advises keeping a detailed food log to track not only food (been there, done that), but feelings and circumstances as well as exercise and sleep patterns. All this to help identify HABITS.

So I’m taking the challenge of the PAPER food log, not electronic, with all kinds of notes included. It’s more interesting than I thought it would be. I have another week and a half to go, and this weekend I will have an eagle eye on my life.

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