MD23 Blink and You Miss It

When fusing fine silver links, the trickiest part is moving the torch away at the exact right instant. Too soon, and your link doesn’t become a circle. Too late, and it’s ruined.

Once the red line appears, you can’t blink until it’s gone again, because the torch has to move away immediately. Fortunately, that’s only a few seconds.

Today I fused over 100 more links, mostly successfully. The “lost ones” were the ones where I didn’t move the torch away quickly enough, and got the bulges & corresponding thin places that go along with that. Those have to go in the scrap bin because they will break if you try to use them.

It feels good to be getting this practice in and reset my skill level to what it used to be.

Fine Silver links, fused & formed into ovals

Fine Silver links, fused & formed into ovals

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