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I spun all of my rolags that I made yesterday. I don’t think I was any *worse* than I was when I tried it in my class! Practice makes better. I’m spinning these using what’s the “woolen” method, using long draw. The wool spun this way is much fuzzier and lighter than wool spun using the “worsted” method with short draw, which is what I’ve been doing. After I got done, I made more rolags to spin tomorrow night.

One of my friends asked about what hand cards are and how they’re used, so I’m adding a little photo gallery with pictures that I hope will help.


The cards with fiber ready to go

Start by putting fiber on one of the cards.


Carded fiber

The two cards are used to comb the fibers out.


Finishing up the rolag

Then you transfer all the fiber onto one card and use the other card to push it into a roll.


The finished rolag


The spun fiber

Fiber spun from yesterday’s rolags. You can see how fuzzy if it is. The blue & white on the left side is the blend with the blue from the art batt.

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