My Daily Spin – Pretty, Pretty Colors

The new packet of hankies is spinning up very different than I expected. There are light golds and blues along with the deeper tones, and they really complement each other. I like them a lot.

I’ve decided I’m definitely taking my wheel next week to John C Campbell. I talked with the resident fiber artist there, and that seems like it will be a good choice. I will be able to try some different wheels for plying, and I’m looking forward to that. I love mine for spinning, but plying with it can be awkward and uncomfortable.

Until tomorrow.


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One Response to My Daily Spin – Pretty, Pretty Colors

  1. Catherine Baker says:

    I’m impressed with how the colors look together:) Beautiful!
    Happy you’re taking your wheel! When Bobby & I travel we always include his other girlfriend, the guitar & crafts….no matter what!

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