My Daily Spin – The Next Batch of Hankies

Yes, I’ve finished the first packet of silk hankies and moved on to the next. I’m doing the gold-and-blue ones now. I’ve included pictures of a whole hankie and today’s spinning of another whole hankie. Quite lovely.

On a different note, I’m getting excited about my class at John C Campbell Folk School next week. I leave Sunday, so Saturday afternoon will be spent getting all my stuff together for the trip. I’m still debating whether I will take my own wheel or not – I keep meaning to call them and find out if they have a wheel like mine that I can use. I’m quite fond of this model. Maybe tomorrow, if I set myself a reminder.

Until tomorrow.



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2 Responses to My Daily Spin – The Next Batch of Hankies

  1. Catherine Baker says:

    Way to go Ann! Keep us posted:)
    I say take the wheel!!

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