My Daily Spin – What Will I Do with This Silk Yarn?

While spinning today, I started thinking about what I want to do with this silk yarn that I’m making. If I am right in my calculations, I will end up with a little over 200 yards of this as a three ply. Since this Tussah is my first silk fiber, I’d like to make something with it.

I used the first two spun silk skeins for swatching, just to see how they came out. The first was on size 3 needles, the second on size 8. As I hoped, the larger needle produced a lovely drapey result, where the smaller needles produced a lovely firm fabric.

I have some silk “hankies” that are primarily purple and gold. I think I will spin those next. Then I can use the undyed Tussah and the purple and gold hankie silk to make something lovely.

Until tomorrow.


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