On the Road with my Drop Spindle

This week I’ve been in Texas visiting family. It has been a really lovely time – Mom and I sat and knitted a lot, and I made excellent progress on the Callicarpa scarf.

Since I obviously could not bring my spinning wheel on the plane, I brought my drop spindle and some practice wool. I figured if I’m going to learn to use a spindle, this would be the perfect opportunity to start. So I made a point of spending some time each evening with my spindle. Good thing I had no real expectation of being any good at all! It’s much harder than spinning on a wheel. Although, I got enough done that I had to wind it off onto a chopstick because the spindle was full.

Today my sister graciously drove me to the DFW Fibre Fest, so I could look for more spinning fibers. It was a nice festival, but nowhere as big as SAFF. I bought three really lovely batts from one artist, and a huge, incredible silk lap from the woman who dyed it. I’ll post pictures when I get home. Now I’m all excited to start spinning some of the silk hankies I’ve got, as practice for the lap.

Tomorrow I’m returning home to South Carolina. This week has really flown by, and I’m grateful for the time spent with family. We are too far apart and see each other in the flesh too little.

Until next time.


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