Real Food Sunday – Chopping Greens as Meditation



Tools for the day: a colander, a sharp knife, and a cutting board.


This week’s produce from Pinckney’s Farm included collard greens and baby beets with the greens attached. The collards, as always, were a huge incredibly beautiful bunch of firm, healthy greens. I love washing them – water just rolls off as I stand them upright in the colander. Then, one by one, I cut out the big center spines and chop the leaves. I like doing them one by one – I focus on each leaf and feel gratitude for the close connection with those who grew it and brought it to me. The recipe I’m making today will combine them with black beans, onion, and sausage.

The beets are next – double bonus because I get the tasty greens AND the delicious little beets. I think I’ll saute the greens with garlic and butter, and roast the beets whole.

This week’s delivery also had three varieties of summer squash – zucchini, one-ball, and eight-ball. I’ll saute them all together with garlic, onion, and mushrooms, and then bake them with cheese for a yummy casserole. Easy and delicious.

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