Real Food Sunday – Whole Lotta Roasting Going On

Today was kind of crazy. I didn’t sleep well last night, and Mick’s out of town, which always throws me off for a couple of days. I had already planned to roast tomatoes and make pasta sauce. So I decided what the hell, just roast everything and throw it all in there. So I did. Kohlrabi, beets, red onion, and radishes. I had left-over roasted pumpkin from yesterday ( I made pie) , so I put that in there too. Adds a nice sweetness and a thick texture. I added sausage, too, and the chopped stems from the bok choy (see below). Yum.

For my lunches, I sauteed bok choy with the kohlrabi and radish greens. I broiled large portabello caps, then sprinkled them with a little red wine vinegar, topped them with the sauteed greens, then put some grated Robusto cheese from Whole Foods. A couple more minutes under the broiler to melt the cheese, and voila! Delicious. And, of course, my standard roasted chicken thigh meat for protein.

Pasta sauce made from scratch with roasted veggies

Pasta sauce made from scratch with roasted veggies

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