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One of the challenges in spinning for a specific project is getting the yarn I want. Part of this is getting the correct diameter in a consistent way from start to finish, so that my final plied yarn comes out the way I need for it to. The way to get that consistent diameter is having a sample to compare against as I go.

I’m getting ready to start a new secret project for my fiber guild and for that I needed to create a guide sample for the spinning part of it. Since I was in sample mode, I decided to go ahead and create three samples for this specific fiber, which is a yummy Polwarth/Silk blend from Essential Fiber. I buy from her regularly, and having these samples will make my life easier in the future.

Disclaimer: there are a number of different charts out there describing the WPI for various yarn weights. I use this one: Purl Two Together Yarn Weight Chart.

The first sample is for fingering weight yarn, which came out about 16.5 WPI (wraps per inch). This is on the light side for fingering, but lets me know I can have some leeway in going slightly thicker if I want and still end up with fingering yarn.

The second sample is for sport weight yarn, at 13 WPI. Sport yarn is typically 12-13 WPI, so this is right on the money.

The third sample is for DK weight yarn, and also came out perfect at 11 WPI.

For record-keeping purposes, I created cards with the fiber information, WPI, weight & length of the plied sample, and my version of grist: grams per yard. I taped each sample to its corresponding card so they stay together.

So I’m all set now for this secret project as well as all my future projects with this fiber blend from this dyer.

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