Spinning Tech – Keeping a Steady Diameter

I learned many wonderful things in my class a few weeks ago at John C Campbell, but one of the most immediately useful was how to spin with a more-or-less consistent diameter. It’s very, very easy to spin thinner and thinner without realizing it, or wanting to. This is especially critical when you are spinning a quantity of yarn, and you want to make something with it where it needs to all be more or less the same.

We learned how to pull off a sample at the beginning, when you have it the way you want it, and compare back to that as you go along. We even had a practice session where she gave us a sample and we tried to match it. That was very good.

I’m using that technique now with the sparkly blend I’m spinning now. So the end of the bobbin is pretty close to the beginning, and the next bobbin will be the same.

Until tomorrow.


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