What Makes a Home? or, can I really learn Spanish in my 50s?

My husband and I just took a trip to Costa Rica. Aside from being a VERY much-needed vacation, we were traveling with an eye to potential retirement a few more years down the road.

There is nothing like getting your feet on the ground somewhere to feed thought processes.We lived in Hawaii for several years, so I know what it’s like, at least on some level, to live in the tropics. But Hawaii is part of America, and everyone speaks English. I’m daunted by the thought of moving somewhere that requires a new language.

Now, many Americans live in Costa Rica and don’t learn Spanish. They live in “gringo neighborhoods”, or hang out mostly with other ex-pats. Personally, I can’t imagine that. It would be way too isolating. Many Costa Ricans speak some English, but not that much. How could you enjoy people you can’t talk to, or participate fully in the culture?

So while I ponder uprooting myself yet again, I signed up for LoMasTv.com and I am enjoying the little beginner videos. And I am following some Costa Rican Twitter accts, and painstakingly translating their tweets as best I can.

So adios for now, I have to go tend the black beans I am making for Gallo Pinto. That would be Costa Rican black beans & rice – too yummy!!

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