My trip to the Vet – by Grrrkitty

I am stealing Mom’s blog again to talk about my trip to the vet today. It’s way too much for tweeting!!

I went because I hurt my left rear leg back in April, and I have been limping ever since. The X-rays did not show a break, but did show that there is a problem with my knee. The diagnosis was ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscal tear. This kind of injury doesn’t really heal itself without surgery.

So today I went to the vet that would do the surgery, if I have it. He checked my general health to make sure I am healthy enough for the surgery (I am!), then he had to check the joint. Ouch! So Kyle the nice veterinary assistant held me while the vet moved the joint around – we were afraid it would REALLY hurt! But you know what? All I did was fwip my tail and meow a couple of times. So now Mom & Dad know that I am not in very much pain, which made them feel better. The vet said I’m limping mostly because the joint is unstable, and I know not to put too much weight on it.

So what to do? The surgery would help stabilize the joint, but might not fix the limp. I’m actually getting around pretty well, I can even run through the house and play with my catnip mouse. The vet also said that in cases like mine, sometimes after a few months enough scar tissue forms around the injury to stabilize on its own WITHOUT surgery.

But another thing we saw in the X-ray are some arthritic changes in the OTHER knee, which so far is OK. But if it also gets a problem, then I would have problems in both legs which would not be good. Or if I blimp up and get obese (I am a svelte 7.5 lbs) then I would also have more problems.

So Mom & Dad are thinking over what the vet said so they can make the best decision.Fortunately there is no hurry.

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