Full Moon Over Costa Rica

May 16

It’s nearly over. Tomorrow we fly home. But today…well, today we are still in CR, and it was a gorgeous day. Sunny with a wonderful breeze.

Normal breakfast at the hotel, and fun conversation with another couple that we met who live in San Jose, CA, which of course is Mick’s home town.

After relaxing on the patio for a while, we walked to the Yoga/Pilates studio down the street, and I took the 11:00 Pilates class. It was supposed to be 75 minutes long, but actually lasted an hour and a half. The teacher taught the class almost entirely in Spanish, but I was able to get most of it because I’m so familiar with Pilates. I actually understood more of it than I expected to because of that. She cued me in English when I needed it.

For lunch, we went back to the same place as yesterday – fish tacos and a fruit sandwich, as well as la gata daintily begging. It was just as delicious today. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to the lounge chairs by the beach – sun (yes with lots of sunscreen), reading, swimming in the ocean. There was just enough surf to make for fun in the waves. Then a dip in the pool to get the salt off, and a few more minutes in the sun to dry off.

When it was time for more food, we decided to try a BBQ place near the Pilates studio. It was GREAT. Smoky delicious pulled pork, tropical cole slaw with papaya and pineapple, sweet potato fries. And the sauces – they make their own. Regular, sweet smoky, and “Carolina style” vinegar. Yes, they called it that. And hoo boy, it was better than any vinegar-based BBQ sauce I EVER had in SC. We asked what was in it, and I am going to try to recreate it.

I actually have a number of recipes to find/create that we have really enjoyed here, all listed in my handy little notebook.

As we walked back to the hotel. the full moon was high in the sky, looking serene and beautiful over the trees.

Tomorrow morning we are getting picked up at 9 to head to the Liberia airport, which is about 60 miles away. We are checked in but still have to pay the departure tax after we get to the airport. Here’s hoping that all is uneventful.

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