100 Days of Spinning – Day 69

Today I started on the next bobbin of the Falklands wool. I had hoped to finish the half-ounce that will go on it, but that didn’t happen. But it’s OK. I got other stuff done that will leave me more time tomorrow.

Callicarpa Scarf

Callicarpa Scarf

I also found a great pattern on Ravelry for this Falklands wool. It’s the sweet little scarf in the picture on the right, and you can see it on Ravelry here. It will be perfect for the amount of yarn I will end up with.

So here’s the great thing I’m enjoying right now – I’m consistent enough now in my spinning to know how much yardage I’ll get out of the wool I have left, and that it will be pretty much the same as the yarn I have just spun & plied. Yeah!

Until tomorrow.


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3 Responses to 100 Days of Spinning – Day 69

  1. Catherine Baker says:

    Hi Ann! I enjoy reading your blogs! Your candor & passion are evident in your spirit of writing. I checked out Ravelry & created an account under the name Catewolf. Thank you for sharing about the spinning of yarn! I am fascinated by the process. I am a collector of different yarns & love crocheting!

    • Ann says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Thanks! I didn’t know you like to crochet. I’m a knitter, myself. Ravelry is a GREAT site for all fiber-lovers. I’ll find you there!


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