Color and Hand Cards!


I’m having so much fun right now. Because I can, I’m going to make color blends with all the possible combinations of the 8 colors I have from Sweet Georgia Yarn (and my sari silk, of course!). (Once upon a time, I knew the formula for calculating just how many combinations that is, but my math degree is many years behind me now.)

I started with Riptide, a dark teal, and my first set of combos is it with each of the others. I posted the one with Goldmine a couple of days ago. Next was Birch, which is basically off-white. That finished yarn is in today’s picture. Today I blended it with Nightshade, which you might expect to be purple but is actually blue. I thought that would be an iffy combo, but it came out really nice. I’ll post that picture tomorrow after the yarn is done.

Until then.


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