The Unadorned Truth – Sweet Georgia Yarn Fiber Rocks

The truth is in the swatching.

Today I swatched the Black Cherry BFL-silk blend that I spun yesterday. It was just the plain top, no fancy prep of any kind. I wanted to see how much of the cushy, luxurious feel of my previous sample was the fiber and how much the prep with hand cards.

I’m happy to say that today’s swatch also has that amazing feel. It’s denser, which is to be expected. But it was sweet to knit with, and the knitted fabric is wonderful. So I am a very happy camper.

To restate, for my spinner friends who want to check it out: I am spinning BFL-Silk blend from Sweet Georgia Yarns. Their website is

For today’s project, I took the Riptide and carded it with Birch and the sari silk. It looks pretty on the bobbin. Tomorrow I’ll ply it & post a picture.

Until next time.

Black Cherry BFL-silk blend

Black Cherry BFL-silk blend

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