This is Why I Spin

Yesterday I wrote about how I just started experimenting with some new fibers, and ended up with a gorgeous hand-carded blend of two colors of BFL-Silk with some sari silk. Today, I swatched that yarn.


I think it’s my favorite yarn yet, in my almost-a-year of practice with different fibers, batts, and blends. I wish I could convey the gorgeous feel of it. In another post, I talked about being a tactile junkie… I can only imagine what it would feel like to wear a sweater of this soft, luxurious yarn. Plus it’s gorgeous. Since the “green” is really composed of gold and teal fibers, it is heathery rather than monotone. The little flecks of bright color from the sari silk add subtle visual texture. I’m totally inspired to try more combinations with different colors.

I also don’t know what to attribute to the fiber itself, and what to attribute to the hand-card prep method. The “woolen” process of the hand-card prep adds fluffiness, even when spun “worsted” as I did. So tonight I spun some straight fiber right off the braid (Black Plum) and I’ll swatch it tomorrow.

Until next time.


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