More Fun With Hand Cards

Now that I’ve finished the Blue-Faced Leicester (BFL), I moved on to some BFL-Silk blend fiber that I got from Sweet Georgia Yarns. They do dye-to-order lots in gorgeous colors, and I got 100 grams each of 8 different colors. You can see them (plus a few more) on my Pinterest Board All Things Fiber.

So I thought I wanted to play with color. I took some Goldmine and some Riptide (dark teal) and first tried spinning them together. I found out right away that it’s very difficult to spin fibers together when you’re just holding them like that. So I got out my hand cards and carded them together to make a rolag, which I spun. It was pretty much green at that point which wasn’t really what I wanted. BUT there were also a few brightly colored sari silk fibers that had been stuck in the hand cards, and got mixed in. Immediately I was inspired to make more rolags with the 2 BFL-silk colors and sari silk fibers. Oh yes. Lovely. The picture shows a rolag and some spun fiber.

I’ll swatch it tomorrow.


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