Sunset over the Pacific

May 14

It’s been a long time since I watched the sun set as I waded in the surf.The ocean is warm here at Tamarindo, and the sand is brown and black. It made lovely patterns in the ebbing tide.

This was a sweet way to start the evening of a very long day. We set the alarm this morning so we’d be sure to be up, packed, & have time for breakfast before the shuttle came to pick us up at 7:40 am. He was actually a few minutes early, so we were glad that we were down in the lobby, checked out & ready to go when he showed up. The van had a few more pickups, including 4 people in Heredia. We were full as we headed west. At the 3-hour mark, we stopped at an exchange place, where the Interbus vans swap passengers. There were macaws and howler monkeys hanging out in the trees, and peacocks, a deer, and a toucan in a fenced enclosure. I never did get the story about the menagerie. Mick & I along with three other passengers from our van switched to a new van that brought us on into Tamarindo.

By the time we got to the hotel we were tired and starving, so it was a big disappointment to discover a big pool of water in the closet of our room. BUT we packed back up & they moved us to another room. After we got some food in us we felt much better, just in time to enjoy the sunset. It’s fun to see there is indoor wildlife here like we remember from Maui – geckos on the ceiling, large flying insects. There were even cute little bats swooping around just at dusk in the empty part of the restaurant, grabbing up bugs.

After relaxing for a while, we walked up the street and had a light dinner, then walked around a bit more. All the shops were closed, so we just scoped out what’s nearby. We’re not sure what will be open tomorrow either, so it may be a quiet day of sun, sand, ocean, and reading.

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