The Summer of my Discontent

I’m just keeping my head down these days, trying to get through my days peacefully. One of my cats has been missing for weeks now, presumed dead or moved on to a new family. Good-bye, Mr. Beekman. My car has a problem with its ventilation system that several visits to the shop and hundreds of $$ have not yet fixed. Good-bye, any confidence I have in that shop. My employer just informed me that I will be required to work 60-hour weeks, starting at the end of June for the following eight weeks, including travel to Buffalo NY for 3 of those weeks in a row. Good-bye, personal life until the middle of August.

The only bright spot is HoopPath, coming up at the end of June. One long weekend of escapist joy. Thank God I arranged for that vacation long ago.

And of course, my amazing, wonderful husband. I would have imploded long ago without him.

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