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Our Last Day in the Laikipia Conservation Area

Today started with a long game drive. We saw the “usual suspects” – warthogs, gazelles, elands, impalas, elephants, giraffes, guinea fowl, various kinds of plover, white rhinos, superb starlings, and zebras. In addition, we saw some black rhinos, which are … Continue reading

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So Many Animals

I have to apologize up front for this being a sketchy kind of post. It’s been a huge day, and we get up early tomorrow for another huge day. I promise I will do a photo journal post at the … Continue reading

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A LONG Travel Day Followed by Giraffes

It’s Saturday evening, and I’ll just start by saying that I am still jet-lagged and not totally together yet, having arrived last night at midnight after a 29-hour travel “day”, in this time zone 7 hours ahead of home.  We … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Africa

I woke up this morning with a million things racing through my mind. Thursday – that’s tomorrow!! – we are going to Africa. A luxury safari starting in Kenya, to be specific, followed by Tanzania.We are traveling with Micato Luxury … Continue reading

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My New Love – Encaustic Painting

I just got back from another wonderful class at John C. Campbell Folk School – this time it was encaustic painting. Now, I am not a painter, per se. My only 2D art endeavors are collage and making my own … Continue reading

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Two Hours a Day – Who Knew?

My new schedule of “no electronics in the morning, 2-3 hours making art first thing” is successful beyond anything I expected! By having this time every day, I am able to give myself permission to do just so much, then … Continue reading

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Paper Arts in the New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! In this new year, I am focusing on how to spend the right amount of time making art every day. Too little, and I feel like I’ve missed out as time whips by. Too much, and … Continue reading

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Ending Another Year

They just fly by so quickly, don’t they? It’s been 6 months already since my surgery that I talked about in my last post. I have healed well, although I still have pretty gnarly-looking incisions. Apparently it will be another … Continue reading

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The Years of Lightening Up

Some of you will remember that my mother died just over two years ago, and that has prompted a huge evaluation of my life and honoring of my own mortality. If I have (with luck) a third of my life … Continue reading

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Spinning Samples

One of the challenges in spinning for a specific project is getting the yarn I want. Part of this is getting the correct diameter in a consistent way from start to finish, so that my final plied yarn comes out … Continue reading

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