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A Quito City Tour

Today’s big news, of course, is that one of the presidential candidates in Ecuador’s upcoming election, Fernando Villavicencio, was assassinated yesterday right here in Quito. Most likely by one of the drug cartels. In the aftermath of this horrible event, … Continue reading

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In Quito, at Casa Gangotena

Just the quickest of updates tonight. It’s been a long travel day, but we are safely tucked away in a gorgeous hotel in the old part of the city. Tomorrow, a city tour with our talkative and knowledgeable guide Wilson. 

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Ecuador, Here We Come!

Tomorrow we are leaving for Ecuador. Like Africa last year, this is a trip I never dreamed I would be able to take. The Cloud Forest. The Galapagos Islands. I am humbled and grateful to be able to see such … Continue reading

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The Summer of Art2Life

I’ve written before about how my life has been shifting since my mother died, four and a half years ago now. I’m happy to tell you that I’ve continued down the path of deep change. I never know how things … Continue reading

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Flying Over the Waters of Belize

Today was magical. We took a tiny plane – me, Mick, the pilot, and the co-pilot who was also our guide – and flew over Belize’s coastal waters, barrier reef, atolls, and islands. The colors were gorgeous – greens, many … Continue reading

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Today I Ate a Termite (On Purpose)

This morning we went out with Captain Bobo on his skiff, traveling down the coast from Placencia to the Monkey River. At last! Out on the ocean! We saw many birds diving for fish, mostly pelicans and cormorants. Part of … Continue reading

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Nim Li Punit and Ms. Pearleen’s

Today’s adventure was a visit to the Nim Li Punit Mayan Ruin, which is known for its huge carved stelae, or stone slabs and columns. Our guide, Gilbert, walked us around it all – the ceremonial areas, the pok-ta-pok court, … Continue reading

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No Jaguars, But Other Cool Things

Today we visited the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, This is a 128,000 acre protected forest that is home to many animals, including 5 species of cats: jaguars, pumas, margays, ocelots, and jaguarundis. Sadly, but not surprisingly, we did not see … Continue reading

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On To Placencia, and the Beach

We were sad to leave Chan Chich this morning, it is such a wonderful, peaceful place. An Ocellated Turkey hen posed for one final picture – you can really see her beautiful coloring and little “beaded headdress”. Our flight to … Continue reading

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Medicinal Plants and Other Wonders of Nature

This morning we went on a walk around the Chan Chich property to look at medicinal plants used by the Mayan people who have lived in this part of the world for nearly three thousand years. Our guide was Levy, … Continue reading

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