The Beauty of Fractals

I am knitting a shawl for my sister out of some of my fractal-spun yarn. This is the teal and rust yarn that I spun last summer, described in post One Fractal Down, on to the Next (This would be “the next”). As as side note, this yarn won first place in the “Plied Yarn” category in this year’s SC State Fair!!!

But the real secret to fractal yarn is how it comes out when you knit it. The way the colors progress is always a revelation, and beautiful.

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Copper and Gratitude

It seems like this year is just flying by. All kinds of wonderful things have been happening lately, including winning two First Place awards at the SC State Fair for handspun yarn. More about that in an upcoming post!

What I’m focusing on right now is getting back into the world of street fairs and art shows with my jewelry work. It’s been a long time! I’m taking part in the upcoming Pecan Festival in Florence, SC, sharing a booth with other members of my fiber guild. I have put together a list of items I want to have ready to sell, and I’ve been busy at my bench. One of these days I’ll put together a gallery page, or at the very least, I’ll do another post with more pictures of other items.

Today I completed this pendant made with torched copper, Mother of Pearl, and poppy jasper. There were some different kinds of challenges getting it together! I had to reflect on the things – tools and supplies and skills – that made it possible, and feel grateful for them all. Including a disk cutter set, dapping block, draw plate for wire, 4mm poppy jasper beads, and a bead reamer to make them fit on the drawn-down wire. And the experience and patience to keep breathing and keep trying until I got it the way I want it.

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MD51 Halfway Through

Today I start the second half of my 100 Days of Metal commitment. I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, but I have been at my bench every day. So it’s working!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve finished 3 bracelets, started a fourth, & read more in my book on hinges & clasps.

Yesterday I pulled out a number of pieces I made years ago for inspiration and, in some cases, refurbishing. It was exciting and really fun to go through them.

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MD38 More Chains & a Goal

Today I started another Byzantine chain. I have set a goal to build an inventory of bracelets. Byzantine, Columbus, Foxtail, and Double-loop-in-loop. Two of each, one for a slender wrist and one for a “normal” wrist ; these two sizes are a half-inch different.

I also read the chapter on hinges in Metalsmith’s Book of Boxes & Lockets by Tim McCreight. This is an excellent book, with clear text and step by step instructions and pictures. I don’t think it’s in print anymore, because the hardcopy version now lists for about $100 and I bought it years ago for $29.99. But the link I provided is to the ebook which is $9.99 for those who are interested.

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MD37 Exciting Day!

Today I wore my new Columbus Chain bracelet to my Fiber Guild meeting so I could show it off, and a woman there bought it right off my wrist!

I hadn’t intended to sell it, but when opportunity knocks, it’s crazy to say no. After all, I can make myself another one.

And when I came home, I made more links so I can do just that.

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One Fractal Down, on to the Next

When I started the Apples fractal project, I chose to make the yarn end up as a two-ply lace weight yarn. I have a lot of knitting patterns for lace weight yarn, and merino fiber is a really lovely fiber to work with. The sneaky lesson waiting for me was how much longer it takes to do lace weight as opposed to what I normally spin, which is fingering or sock weight two-ply. As you would expect, the thinner the yarn, the longer it takes to spin and ply. Combine that with a move and a thousand other things suddenly taking my attention, and what I could have accomplished in one month ended up taking more like four. Nevertheless, it’s finally done, and I’m very happy with the final yarn.

What’s next, you ask? Wellllllll…… I have another braid of the same merino, dyed in a different (and lovelier) colorway. I’m in the groove of spinning this particular fiber the way I want it, and that’s no small thing. So I decided to just keep on keeping on, and give a nod and a promise to all the OTHER lovely fiber that’s waiting for me.

I’m doing this one as a fractal project, too – the dye pattern is different from the first one and I’m interested to see how it comes out.

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MD36 Catching Up

Life has gotten in the way of blogging this week – there is only one of me!

So by way of catching up, here are the things I’ve done since Tuesday.

  • Made two pairs of earrings (MD33 & 34)
  • Wound more wire to make another Byzantine chain (MD35)
  • Annealed & cut those links so they are ready to use (today)

I have also started reading a book about how to make boxes and lockets. I want to spend some play time learning to make things that move.

Sterling silver earrings with carved Burma Jade


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MD32 A Bit More Than Minimum…

Another crazy busy day… But I did take my torch to the ends of all the wires I cut yesterday. This makes them ball up so they’ll hold the pretty earring parts in place.

Sterling wire ready to make into earrings

Sterling wire ready to make into earrings

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MD31 The Bare Minimum

Today was just busy. So for my Days of Metal project, I put in what I consider the bare minimum.

I’ve been wearing one of the pairs of earrings I made earlier in this series, and I like them a LOT. And if I like that style, probably others would too. I decided to make more, so I’ll have a good inventory of them. I have lots of different beads I can use and it will be fun to play with them.

In that light, today’s minimum effort was to cut enough pieces of sterling wire to make 10 more pairs. Tomorrow I’ll torch the ends so they are ready to go.

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MD30 Practice Makes Such a Difference

I finished the Columbus Chain bracelet, and I’m really pleased with the way it looks. I’m also really pleased with how much my pick soldering skills improved as a result from doing all those links. Today was much better than yesterday: cleaner and faster. So much of this work is muscle memory together with hand-eye coordination.

Sterling silver Columbus Chain bracelet

Sterling silver Columbus Chain bracelet

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